Monday, October 19, 2015

Land for Sale

Buying land can be confusing and difficult especially if the land is remote and off the grid. Buying dirt is not the same as house hunting. The most important thing to do is investigate "where" you would like to purchase property. When we were looking I had selected three geographical areas we might be interested in building our homestead. Since we wanted to stay in Oregon I researched near three areas, central, eastern and southern Oregon. 

While we wanted to be remote we also wanted to be sure certain services were within a reasonable distance and specifically medical services. We wanted to be sure we would be able to drive to a city where we could find the basic supplies and services within and hour or so from our property. Since we will be empty-nesters by the time we transition our lives to living on the property, we did not need to be concerned about issues that might impact our children. Had we needed to consider raising children we would have also wanted to research the schools, activities and social supports in the area. 

Once we had decided on a few regional areas we were interested in buying property we were able to determine the general cost of property in those areas. Property values and costs can range widely and several issues can play into the cost of property. Is the property so remote that there is no access to electricity, water, or other services? While we intend to build a self-sustaining home we decided it would be worth a little extra money to have the option of electricity and at least a gravel road to our land. 

I spent a few weeks researching land sales, property taxes, and other details about the areas we were interested in purchasing land. I also investigated financing options and auctions of land. 

We found a website that auctions land in Oregon, California, and Colorado and I watched the action for a week or two. Then we saw a perfect opportunity to purchase a small piece of land in one of the areas we were interested. Two days later we had won our bid and purchased property under an owner financed piece of land with Online Land USA