Friday, October 9, 2015

A Small Piece of Land

A Small Piece of Land
I have thought about it for most of my life and dreamed of a day I could build my own homestead. Leaving city-life is a huge decision and major step.

My dream of living a more simple life, with a garden and some ground of my own starts on a small (2.38 acre) piece of land in Klamath County, Oregon. I recently returned from my first visit to the property I just purchased.

I would love to sell my city house today, and move to Klamath right now! Custody issues require me to remain near the big city for a few more years. Being an optimist, this just means I have the time to organize, set-up, and transition to my soon to be future life. On this small plot of land, Vince and I will build a future homestead for our children and grandchildren.

We have some goals for this little spot. Today, I am starting this blog and hope to share our journey from the city to sustainable living on our own small piece of land. I look forward to sharing this journey and writing about our research, transition, and work we do in order to make our goals come true. Our first step was finding property, stay tuned for our next steps as we transition out of the city.