Transition Plans

Plans for our Transition to Sustainable Living:

There is a desire to jump right into things and throw caution to the wind. Finding the small piece of land and making the purchase has been the first step. We know where we will be going and we have the dirt to call our own. We also recognize we have certain restraints and limitation that make moving forward too fast a foolish move. Our dream will be a huge cultural, economic, and social change requiring our journey be taken in steps.

Transition Plan:

To start, we will be breaking things down into manageable steps. We know where we will be going and we have dirt to take care of, beyond that we have a series of things we need to research, plan, fund, and execute. Our starting point is to break things down into short, medium, and long-term goals.  The rule-of-thumb and best advice I have learned about goal-setting and transitions is to look at the, Now, the one-year, and the five-year plans. Keeping in mind the "eventual" end point goal. In theory, the now, next year and five years from now we will achieve our goal and be satisfied with our ability to continue by living out the sustainable life we imagine is possible. In reality, life is usually a series of now, the next year, and five years from now transitions and goals to achieve.

As this blog unfolds, links to our research, planning, goals, and the steps we take will be published and things will be linked together in a variety of ways. This page will become the best resource for Planning things.

(last page update 10/17/2015)

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